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Pemba Island

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Referred as blue hues and shifting sands, also is well known for its clove industry, and this distillery is where the clove stems are turned into essential oil. Pemba Island is a part of Tanzania’s Zanzibar Archipelago, off the coast of East Africa. It’s hilly and lush vegetated, while much of the coast is lined with mangroves and lagoons, interspersed with idyllic beaches and islets. Offshore, coral reefs some of East Africa’s best diving and the Misali Island is home to the Fischer’s turaco, a colorful rare bird. Commonly known as the flying fox, Pemba’s only endemic mammal is a large and critically endangered bat (Pteropus voeltzkowi), called popo in Swahili.

Getting there:

The easiest way to get to Pemba,

  • By daily scheduled or charted flight to Pemba Airport (PMA) near Chake Chake, from Arusha, Dar es Salaam and Zanzibar.
  • It is possible to travel between Zanzibar and Pemba on a ferry, although the safety of these vessels is disputable.

Best time to visit.

  • The best time to travel is during dry season from June through to late OctoberFew showers during November through until March.
  • Heavy rains during April to May, and many lodges do closing during this period


Range from is fairly basic especially in the towns, high end (Luxury)  and remarkable exceptions on the coast. Obvious referred as destinations for the luxury traveler with a unique underwater room at The Manta Resort.


What to do in Pemba Island
    • Beach Holiday
    • Dine out, Honeymoon
    • Spice Farm & rain forest tour,
    • Diving center, fishing, Kayaking & Snorkeling
    • Day trip to Pemba Misali by boat from Wesha.
    • Bird watching, over 180 bird species both migratory and indigenous
    • Fly in- Fly out Wildlife Safari to Serengeti Park, Mikumi Park & Nyerere Park
    • Visit Clove oil Factor, Chwaka runs, Pemba Museum & Kidike Flying fox tour

Beach of Manta Resort

Another beautiful and picturesque beach always set on the northern part of the island at Vumbavimbi village where everyday rhythm is still given by tides. That’s a nice excursion from Manta Resort:

Pemba Misali

Misali Island was set up as part of a conservation area in 1998. It is characterised by unique marine and terrestrial ecosystems of remarkable species diversity. Over 300 fish species and 40 genera of hard corals have been recorded underwater and its reefs are home to resident pods of dolphins.
The endangered Hawksbill turtles nest on its beach nearby turtle beach and so do the green ones. The main nesting season for hawksbills falls during the northeast monsoon between December and April, for green turtles between February and July. Hatching occurs approx. 55 days after. In August and September the island lies along the migratory route of humpback whales.

Shamiani island

just off the very southeast coast end of Pemba Island offers a beautiful, virtually private, silky white sand beach and shallow waters turquoise lagoon. The reef is quite close and this beach is subject to tides but in turtle beach, located about about 20 minutes walk from the lodge, it is possible to swim all day long:


Beach Tours

10 Days: Chimpanzee, best of Gombe, Mahale & Katavi,


10-Nights Safari & Beach Mikumi Park, Ruaha Park & Nyerere Park


4 Nights Zanzibar Island or Pemba Beach Island


5 Nights Dar es Salaam Beach


5-Day Flying Safari Great Ruaha to Zanzibar


6-Days: Zanzibar, Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Tarangire Safari

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